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Being home in Tech

Hi, I'm Michael (29) living in Berlin, Germany. I studied medical engineering and computer science and have always been home in the startup world. That's why I not only worked in the tech industry but also founded my own company.

Building Type Studio

Together with Jan, Erik and Marvin I founded Type Studio in 2020. We are developing a text-based video editor that democratizes they way how videos are created. Even without any video editing experience you can create stunning video content.

Educating children

To make the world a better place and have a positive impact I'm teaching kids how the tech world works. Unfortunately, I see that the school system is failing here. That is why my goal is to impact thousands of young folks and educate our next generation in technology and entrepreneurship.

In my free time

In my free time I'm very passionate about living a healthy life. That includes things like doing sports, eating healthy food and regular meeting with friends. Fun fact – I'm managing and tracking my entire life in Notion. Whether those are my to do's, workouts, financials, or my meals.

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My Maker Friends

The startup community is one of the best communities in the world! On my journey I have met and appreciated so many founders.

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I put all my knowledge about technology and startups together in one month master class to prepare our next generation for the future of work.

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